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SynergiCare Sebo Balance


Sebo Balance Balancing Shampoo: Regulates sebum, cleanses scalp, and restores balance. Leaves hair refreshed, lightweight, and grease-free. Nourishes and promotes a healthy scalp for manageable, revitalized hair.

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Sebo Balance Balancing Shampoo is a specially formulated hair care product designed to address excess oil and sebum production on the scalp. With its unique balancing properties, this shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp, helping to regulate sebum levels and restore natural balance. It leaves your hair feeling refreshed, lightweight, and free from greasiness.

– Suitable for all hair types
– Contains natural ingredients to soothe and calm the scalp
– Helps control excess oil production
– Promotes a clean and balanced scalp environment
– Can be used regularly for best results
– Made with care and quality ingredients to ensure optimal performance.


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